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Welcome on our website
Welcome to COaching and MOTivation

What words will conceal but we present openly without saying a thing.

Every one of us shows many facets and faces, but which is our TRUE face and where do we leave the CURIOSITY and OPEN ENTHUSIASM?

Burnout  die Motivation, es besser zu machen

How do you feel and what do you think about your work?

In your office or enterprise you can create an atmosphere which animates us to be energized and free. Free to fulfill our obligations easy and happily..

Together we will travel old and new paths to empower you to reach your visons.

Adaptability has been the success factor of the past and will be the success factor of the future! For this we must remain spiritually and physically flexibly recognising innovative ideas fast and implementing them even faster.

My offer to you is expertise in:

  • Body language
  • Micro Impressions
  • Perception Filters
  • Anti-Conflikttraining; analysis, deescalation strategies, action alternatives
  • Team- and one on one coachings in all areas of business comunication
  • Sales comunication; analysis, concept, training and sucess analysis
  • Health and work life balanced business communication
  • Support of internationally active companies in the areas of customer negotiation and business aquisition for Europe and Germany.


Your personal advantage:

  • taylor made, interactive and practical seminars to
    - Body language and micro impressions
    - Team building
    - enthusiastic consulting 
    - Work - life balanced employee Motivation
  • inspiring moderation of company events
  • Interactive - lectures taylored to your communication and health topics
  • active support during negotiations
  • sales and conflikt moderation


However: After my seminar or coaching you will loose many of your blind excuses. Instead you will have strengthened your personality and self esteem.